Departure at 7:00 am from Maadi and Heliopolis, Cairo.


It’s a 4-5 hour drive we aim to arrive early to our camp to enjoy some good food and relax 


The first stage starts at 6:00 am making a 40km loop south of the campsite and starts to the NE side of the camp.


This day is filled with sandy and rocky terrain, runners will experience a couple of sandy upward slopes and amazing rocky valleys. Towards the last 10km of the race, runners will climb up a mountain to arrive at the Hathor Temple and enjoy a bit of a rest at the third checkpoint “@ approx. 30km” at the top of the mountain.


The second stage starts at 5:00 am forming a 60km loop north of the campsite but starts to the SE side of the camp.

This day is more about open spaces, resilience of running plain fields yet experiencing amazing views as Jebel El Tih “the lost mountain” (it stretches over 200km to the middle of Sinai) and winds you through a maze of canyons and valleys.


Breakfast at the campsite and depart back to Cairo around 9am.


We should arrive at the same meeting point.


2 Days

Dates for 2020 Race will be announced soon.


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