Raïd Gamal-Eldin

Business Executive/Ultra Runner and the founder of Wadi Ibex, Egypt first - and only - Trail Running Team

Neena Hwaidak

Egyptian/British marathoner, ultra-runner, triathlete, and oceanman finisher.

Co-Founder of Osana family wellness, mother of two and lover of Egypt

Sherief El Abd

Sherief Elabd is a Dubai-based Egyptian engineer who loves climbing mountains and running in their shadows

Zohra Merabel

Zohra works in the development sector and has always loved sharing her passion for sport, hiking, running and desert with dynamic groups in Egypt



Malcolm Konik

An American born traveller who, given the chance, will fly across the world to run with you. That's how he walked into his and our first Hathor 100 in 2019, finishing first place!

Omar El Galla

At the age of 30, Omar decided to follow his dream of exploring the world and challenging himself through outdoor adventures. He's the record holder of the first run along the length of Egypt, running 1,500 km solo and unsupported in 36 days, averaging a distance of one full marathon a day. He cycled 6500km in 65 days; swam the length of Sinai 220km and paddled 1500 km in the Nile. 


Sherief Elabd

Sherief Elabd is an Egyptian engineer who lives in Dubai and works as a director of industry strategy and innovation team at Oracle. Sherief deeply loves adventures related to mountains, be they trail running or mountain climbing. He’s currently the record holder of the fastest run of the 3 Peaks of Egypt. Sherief climbed 15 mountains in 4 continents and recently summited Mt Everest in May 2019.


Zohra Merabet

Born in Algeria during the Liberation War, then raised in France, Zohra moved to the Middle East in 1976 where Egypt became her permanent residency since 1984. Running is her passion from an early age. She is always overjoyed when she sees this sport spreading in the streets and deserts/mountains of Egypt.